Sapna’s Favorite Things: 2023 Edition

Sapna’s Favorite Things: 2023 Edition

As 2023 comes to a close, we’re reflecting on our favorite things we discovered or learned and plan to take with us into the new year! We sat down with the co-CEO and female force behind the Journelle brand, Sapna Palep, to find out what her favorites from 2023 were. Sapna is a wife, mother, and one of New York’s leading board-certified dermatologists. When we want to talk skincare or self-care, we go to her – and so should you! Her sought-after skill and knowledge have made her an irreplaceable asset to Journelle, where lingerie lovers and self-care enthusiasts converge. Keep reading to find out Sapna’s favorites from 2023 and gain inspiration for your new year ahead!

 What was your favorite moment of 2023?

My favorite moment from 2023 was receiving the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Award as an honoree. For me, it felt like a truly full circle moment as someone whose life has been skin health for over twenty years. I conduct annual skin cancer screening on all of my patients and have had the honor of helping many.
 What was your favorite skincare product of 2023?
As an expert beauty consultant and leading dermatologist, I am constantly trying new products and doing my own research on the latest and greatest products. This year, I was impressed by the over-the-counter brand Beauty Pie’s Super Retinol and Overnight Skin Perfector 2.0. For medical grade skincare, I love the Alastin skincare line. It can be found in most dermatology offices or ordered online. My favorite is their Restorative Eye Treatment.
 What was your favorite goal you accomplished in 2023?
 What was your favorite meal you ate in 2023?
I absolutely love caviar! There is a place in New York City called Number One Caviar Boutique on Wall Street. They do a great job of giving back to the caviar community so that I can indulge without feeling guilty. As an animal lover and someone who cares about the environment, that’s important to me!
What was your favorite place you traveled to in 2023?
Dubrovnik, Croatia.
My favorite form of self-care has been taking a morning to myself each week to work out. I find it’s so important to prioritize exercise and movement. Thursday mornings are my me-time where I can pour back into myself so that I can better show up and be of service to others.
What was your go-to lingerie item in 2023?It’s always the Celine Open Back Cami and Tulip Shortie set from Journelle. I have it in the Noir and Blanc shades but would wear it in every color! It’s elevated, comfy, and sexy.
What is your New Year’s resolution for 2024? More self-care.

Happy New Year from Journelle! We can’t wait to find out what favorites the new year holds.

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