Women's Luxury Robes

The robe is the unsung hero of the lingerie wardrobe. Sophisticated and luxurious, a robe is the perfect lingerie layer. In fact, there is hardly an occasion when a robe isn't the exact right thing.

Nothing is as relaxing as slipping into a cushy knit robe après bath. Nothing is as chic as breakfast in bed in a slinky silk dressing gown. Nothing is as luxe as wrapping up in a cashmere robe and lounging fireside. Nothing as glamorous as answering the door in an airy cotton kimono robe.

While a robe makes time spent at home all the more cozy, we're also always sure to travel with a robe. A lingerie packing essential, a robe makes mornings slower, evenings lovelier, and actually encourages you to take your time and indulge in a little pleasure. Hello, room service. We'd go so far as to say that a robe is the best way to channel those luxe lingerie vacation vibes back in your everyday.

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