Donate Your Bra: Introducing The Bra Recyclers

Donate Your Bra: Introducing The Bra Recyclers

In honor of Earth Day and in the spirit of spring cleaning, our Donate Your Delicates initiative is back – with a new partner! This spring, you can donate your pre-loved bra at any of our store locations and receive a 15% discount on your next purchase. Your donated bra will go directly to The Bra Recyclers which is a textile recycling social enterprise.

Holding bras in hands to donate

The Bra Recyclers was founded by Elaine Birks-Mitchell in 2008. Since their launch, they have donated over 4 million bras to over 130 nonprofits worldwide! The Bra Recyclers’ mission is to raise awareness about the social and environmental benefits of recycling lingerie bras. Their CEO and founder, Elaine, says, “My vision was to make a living from giving. I wanted to provide for families in need all around the world while protecting our planet.” Elaine founded The Bra Recyclers with a circular model in mind, built on recycling and reusing pre-loved bras to change women’s lives. She believes essentials, like a well-fitted bra, should be accessible to all – and so do we!

Founder of The Bra Recyclers and community

Donating your pre-loved bra rather than discarding it helps ensure it does not end up in landfills. In fact, 85% of all textiles (like bras) end up in landfills, and it can take one bra over 5 years to degrade! Globally, approximately 92 million tons of clothing, including bras, is thrown away each year. The Bra Recyclers not only directly helps the environment but also women in need. The donated bras they receive go directly to non-profit organizations to help those who are:

  •     Homeless or living in poverty
  •     Burdened with medical expenses (like breast cancer survivors) 
  •     Survivors of domestic violence or sex trafficking
  •     Young girls in need who have faced adversity

The Bra Recyclers has helped make an impact in so many women’s lives. At a school in rural America, a teacher reached out to The Bra Recyclers about their 6th grade student who required a 44G bra size but did not have access to one. The Bra Recyclers helped ensure a perfect fit, gifting the young girl 5 bras in her correct size through their generous donations received from people like you. Upon receiving her bras, the young girl’s demeanor completely changed. A properly fitted bra had a profound impact on her life. She finally felt comfort, support, and confidence! At Journelle, we understand more than most the difference a well-fitted bra can make. A properly sized bra can provide a sense of strength and self-love. It is an empowering asset no woman should be without. 

Young girls holding up their new bras

As you begin your spring cleaning, don’t just throw away your old bras! There are so many reasons to donate. By donating your pre-loved bras, you can contribute to reshaping young girls’ lives, making a sustainable impact, and helping those in need. Oh, and you’ll receive 15% off your next purchase!

How to Donate Your Bra Process

Remember, all donated bras must be gently used or new. There should be no major signs of wear and tear, like ripped fabric or stains. Additionally, all donated bras must be washed beforehand prior to donating. You can visit any of our Journelle store locations to donate your pre-loved bra!

We are so proud to partner with The Bra Recyclers! To learn more about their mission or their non-profit, The Undie Chest, visit their website or find them on Instagram.

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