How to Wear a Garter Belt

How to Wear a Garter Belt

If you like to wear stockings or thigh highs, you need a garter belt to keep them in place. They can be found in a variety of styles and sizes, and can also come in a range of colors and patterns. Ideally, you would want to coordinate with your bra and panties, which makes your legs really stand out with your luxurious underwear choice.

They add a little extra security to your stockings and thigh highs, and they're perfect for wearing under skirts or pants. But, how do you actually put one on?

1. Put on the garter belt.

Garter belts are an excellent option for those looking for a more sexy look than traditional pantyhose or thigh highs. They can be worn with a variety of stockings and thigh highs to create a sexy ensemble that will turn heads at a costume party or boudoir photo shoot.

Garter belts come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Lace is the most common material, but other options include satin, nylon, and silk.

Put on your thigh-highs first, then slide the garter belt over and fasten it with hooks. The hooks should fall down on your leg and the longer straps should be at the back.

Adjust the straps as needed to get a comfortable fit. The back straps should be the longest to provide room for bending, and the front ones should be an inch or two shorter than the back to allow you to sit down easily.

Image of Journelle LouLou suspender and thong on a model. She is reaching with one hand towards the adjustable strap on the suspenders. There is a plain black background.

2. Put on the stockings.

Garter belts are a great way to wear stockings without the discomfort of pantyhose. They can also be worn with silk or fishnet stockings to create a sexy look for special occasions.

To put on a garter belt, first, measure your waist and hips. This will ensure you purchase a size that fits you best and is comfortable to wear.

After you've taken your measurements, select a pair of stockings that fit well. You'll want to choose a thicker material, such as natural fibers or silk, for added comfort and support.

You'll also want to make sure your stockings are the right length. Pantyhose often dig in or slip down throughout the day, so a securely-anchored garter belt makes it easy to maintain the perfect fit all day long.

After you've adjusted the straps and fastened your stockings, you can finally start wearing your garter belt with stockings. You'll need to readjust as you go, but it's easier than it sounds!

3. Fasten the garter belt to your stockings.

If you're going to be wearing a garter belt with stockings, make sure the straps are at least a bit loose. That way, they won't pop off when you sit down.

Once you've adjusted the straps, fasten them by sliding the hooks into the clasps on your belt. This process is similar to attaching a bra strap, but with a few more steps.

Traditionally, garter belts are worn with fashion stockings (fun fabrics patterns, styles, and colors). However, you can also wear them with regular thigh-highs that don't have a silicone band.

Garter belts were originally invented in the 1920s to keep stockings up high, but have since become a popular fashion accessory. They're sexy and add extra personality to any look, from power-dressing for the office to after-hours attire.

Journelle Garter (Suspender) Belts Collection

 Journelle Chloe Set in color Dahlia won by a model. Color of the lingerie set is a dark purple with contrast black lace. model is posed laying on her size elevated by one arm. Background is plain black.

4. Adjust the straps.

Garter belts with stay ups are a great way to keep stockings high and discrete, without the discomfort and hassle of wearing pantyhose or stockings throughout the day. They also look sexy and make a statement!

Fortunately, they are easy to put on and fasten. However, it’s important to adjust them properly so that they fit perfectly.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the straps are slightly longer in the back than they are on the sides. This will allow you to bend over easier and help prevent a cinching effect when you sit down.

Once you’ve gotten the straps to the right length, fasten them securely and comfortably using the hooks on each clasp. It’s a similar process to attaching a bra, but with a different set of hooks.


Hosiery at Journelle

Find the perfect hosiery at Journelle to go with your garter belt! The list below will inspire you.

Journelle Hosiery Collection

+ Walford Satin Touch 20 Stay-Up

These classic stay-ups are designed to be your go-to-thigh-high stockings. The number in the name WALFORD refers to the thread count, so these 20’s are sheer enough to show off your pins, but with tensile strength. The wide band of gorgeous no-dig stretch lace, at the stay-up band, is fitted with bands of no-slip silicone, to stay put, and the sandal toe is almost invisibly reinforced.

* Wide Lace Band

* Shadow Toe Reinforcement

* 20 Denier

Available in colors, Black, Caramel, Fairly Light, and White.


+ Walford Nude 8 Lace Stay-Up

The perfect stay-up for a flawless, feminine look. These sheer, nude stay-ups, are designed for an ultra sheer, natural finish, the delicate lace band, and an UN-reinforced toe makes it the go-to choice for summer and bridal looks.

* 8 Denier

* Unreinforced Toe

* Wide Lace Band

Available in Fairly Light/White


+ Walford Velvet De Luxe 50 Opaque Stay-Up

Velvety soft, opaque, stay-up with an absolutely matt finish. Broad satin band with opaque, translucent stripes. Slightly reinforced toe, 55 dtex/ 50 denier appearance.

* Wide Satin Band

* Slight Reinforced Toe

* 50 Denier

Available in Black

 Close up of Falke Lunelle 8 Stay Ups in Red on model.

+ Falke Lunelle 8 Stay-Up

Ultra transparent stay-ups, give your legs an elegant shimmer, thanks to their soft texture. The beautiful, decorative lace of the Lunelle 8 stay-up, with a peacock feather pattern, gives you a seductive feeling of well-being. Silicone coating makes it absolutely non-slip, perfect for everyday wear, or with your favorite lingerie set.

* Ultra Transparent 

* Non-Slip Silicone Coating

* Patterned Lace

* 8 Denier

Available in Powder/Black and Powder/Red.


+ Falke Shelina 12 Stay-Up

An ideal stay-up for every wardrobe. The Shelina 12 stay-up gives your legs a unique and natural look, with its feminine lace detail along the upper thigh. Each tight is soft against the skin, complete with silicone coating, making it absolutely non-slip, so you can wear them all day with ease.

* 12 Denier

* Silicone Coating For Non-Slip

* Ultra Transparent

Available in black and Powder.

 Flake Dot stay up tights styled with the Journelle Isabel set in black. Complete with thong, balconette, and suspender belt.

+ Falke Dot Stay-Up

Elevate your ensemble with this striking pair of sexy stay-ups. These modern, nylon stockings feature classic and dainty polka dots, paired with delicate lace and a non-slip silicone coating.

* Thigh-High Style

* Satin Sheer Finish

* 15 Denier

Available in Black.

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