The Parisian Woman’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

The Parisian Woman’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Parisian women seem to know a thing or two about Valentine’s Day. After all, it is called the City of Love. The French have rightly earned their reputation for romance, so it’s only natural we may look to them for advice on how to celebrate La Saint Valentin. If you’re concerned about coming off over-the-top, tacky, or dare we say cheesy… take a few pointers from the always effortless Parisian women who keep things understated and effortless, even on Valentine’s Day. Keep reading to find out what their must-haves and romantic essentials are for la fête des amoureux.

Woman lying on bed wearing matching lingerie set

1. A Matching Lingerie Set

In France, Valentine’s Day is much less commercialized than it is in America, and importance is heavily placed on romance. For this reason, lingerie is a must. A Parisian woman would never overlook matching her lingerie on Valentine’s Day, and she would certainly invest in the full set. For Valentine’s Day the Parisian way, consider the Cristiana set, the Loulou set, or the Isabel set from Journelle Collection.

Perfume bottle

2. A Signature Scent

A Parisian woman wouldn’t dare leave the house without a subtle spritz of her signature scent. Perfume is highly regarded in France. and most Parisian women have a collection of fragrances to choose from. Is there anything more romantic than leaving behind a lingering scent of perfume causing your lover to think of you?

Red lipstick

3. A Signature Shade of Lipstick

A Parisian woman will skip the heavy contour, full-coverage foundation, and smoky eye for something much more natural. The French like to embrace their imperfections and keep things simple. Focus on your natural features with a touch of mascara, some soft blush, and a swipe of your signature lipstick shade. The key is to look effortless, undone, and embody an air of “je ne sais quoi.”


Woman wearing a black silk slip dress


4. A Silk Slip Dress

Parisian women don’t spend hours deciding what to wear or over accessorizing. Rather, they choose clothes that make them feel comfortable and confident. Whether you’re dressing for a date in the park, a restaurant reservation, or a romantic evening at home, maintain an “effortless” theme for your outfit. A silk slip dress makes a classic and timeless piece to begin with. It’s the perfect base to create upon. You can wear it alone or layer it with a boyfriend blazer, leather jacket, or chunky sweater. On bottom, you can try heels, sneakers, or ballet flats. Finish it off with minimal jewelry and your favorite bag! We love the Charlotte Short Slip Dress or Long Slip Dress.


Handwritten love letter and flowers

5. A Tasteful & Thoughtful Gift

Traditional Valentine’s Day cards would be considered too American and manufactured. The French know real romance, like handwritten love poems and letters. In Paris, it’s typical to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic and intimate evening at home or at a nice restaurant for dinner. Many restaurants create a special menu for February 14th with a reservation required in advance, similarly to the States. Popular gifts that are given include flowers, perfume, jewelry, chocolate, and (of course) lingerie.

Et voilà! You’re that much closer to becoming Parisian by Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to practice saying “je t’aime.”

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