Wear & Care: How to Care for Your Lingerie

Wear & Care: How to Care for Your Lingerie

In celebration of National Laundry Day (April 15th), we’re ready to discuss a delicate matter – caring for your intimates. High-quality fabrics and details like silk, lace, embroidery, and mesh require extra attention and time. These expertly crafted and intentionally made undergarments require a special protocol than the rest of our laundry does. Although doing laundry can be a tedious task, we’re simplifying the process for you to help ensure your favorite lingerie pieces last a lifetime. Laundry day never looked so good!

 Care Tip #1: Wash by Hand

You may be wondering how often your lingerie – specifically bras – needs to be washed. It’s best to think of your bra the same way you think of your favorite pair of jeans. They don’t need to be washed after every wear, but it’s generally obvious when they’re due for a cleaning. A good rule of thumb is to wash your bras every 2-4 wears. Panties should be washed after every wear. Other lingerie items, like bustiers, corsets, chemises, and more can be washed every so often but do not require washing after every wear. Some lingerie pieces may not stay on for very long anyway, if you know what we mean…


When hand washing your lingerie, fill the sink, tub, bucket, or bowl with lukewarm water and add a nontoxic, gentle soap or natural shampoo. Regular detergents are likely too harsh for these delicate and dainty items and may leave behind a residue. Place your lingerie in the warm, soapy water and allow them to soak and swish for at least thirty minutes. Next, rinse them under cold water and gently squeeze out any excess moisture. If you do prefer to wash your lingerie in the machine, always ensure it’s on the “delicate” cycle setting and place your items in a mesh lingerie bag. Make sure any hooks are hooked, zippers are zipped, and buttons are buttoned before doing so to prevent frays or snags.


Care Tip #2: Hang Dry

Once washing is complete, it’s time to dry your lingerie. It is strongly advised to never put your lingerie items in the dryer machine, as this is where the most damage can occur. The best way to dry your lingerie is to hang dry. You can use a laundry line, drying rack, special hangers, or lay the lingerie flatly on a towel.


Care Tip #3: Store in a Safe Place

After your lingerie is finished drying, you can store it in a safe place. Storing your molded bras with the cups folded in can break down their shape for an uneven wear. Instead, store your bras nested together with their hooks hooked This will take up less space and is better for the bras, too. For more intricate pieces, try hanging them gently on a designated hanger, like a padded silk one.


Care Tip #4: Have a Rotation

The more lingerie to choose from, the less hand washing to be done. This is because you will decrease your number of wears as you rotate through your styles. Curate your lingerie wardrobe to have a mixture of special occasion styles or everyday basics with a variety of fabrics, like silk, mesh, lace, and cotton. Rotating your bras will also expand their lifespan and maintain their elasticity.


While it may feel like a hassle to hand wash your lingerie, think of this practice as a form of self-care. Doing so will help your delicates last longer, look fresher, and fit better – leaving you feeling confident and sexy.

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