Suspenders 101: How to Attach a Garter Belt with Tights

Suspenders 101: How to Attach a Garter Belt with Tights

Do you remember the first time you purchased a three-piece lingerie set? After getting fitted to your correct size, you purchased a bra that molds to your natural shape, the bottom style of your choice, and of course the suspender belt. But, have you ever looked at a suspender belt and thought, “How does this work?” Been there, done that…

A suspender belt is the perfect addition to top off your three-piece set as it adds another level of sexy. You can wear under a dress to hold up your stockings, or as the cherry on top to your boudoir look. We asked our top-notch Lingerista, Journelle Store Manager Stephanie, her step-by-step process on how to attach your tights to your suspender belt so you are three-piece ready in no time!

Step 1. Put on your stockings and adjust to your preferred height.

Here at Journelle, we recommend a pair of Wolford Stay-Ups.

Woman wearing suspender belt
Step 2: Open each suspender clip.

These are on the end of each suspender strap and have a hardware detail and a rubber fastener.

Black lace suspender belt
Step 3: Place the trim of your stocking between the two pieces.

Hold the larger part of the rubber fastener and slider through the opening and down to lock it shut. Repeat for all straps!

Hint! It's best to lengthen each strap, then tighten them up to your liking once attached.

Woman wearing blue suspender belt
Step 4: Most importantly - suspender and stockings first, undies after!

You didn't do all that hard work to have to do it all over again ;)

Putting on a suspender belt can be tricky, we think you’re going to be a natural! Shop all suspender belts here.

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