Introducing the first Journelle x the underargument anti-casting shoot

Introducing the first Journelle x the underargument anti-casting shoot

Journelle is a company that is founded by women, for women. the underargument, founded by Maïna Cisse, advocates the power of individuality and argues against the norm. Her "anti-casting" photoshoots are a leap from the norm, all about highlight individuals' stories, rather than choosing "typical" models based on sizing. We were delighted when Maïna gave us the opportunity to collaborate on an anti-casting shoot for the launch of two new underargument collections at Journelle.

no.04 For sexy // Against sexism

One of the newest collections, no.04 For sexy // Against sexism is built on the philosophy that "the norm says sexist behaviours are on us. It wants us to believe that we provoke situations by stepping outside of what is acceptable as a woman. This underargument will remind you that nothing about you deserves anything less than respect; nothing real about you ever needs to be toned down, hidden or belittled.”

One of the models, Kate explains her story about fighting sexism, “Viewing myself as a sexy and sexual human being has been a journey, especially coming from a Christian and conservative Asian family. I spent years repressing my sexual curiosity, attempting to conform to sexist expectations and learning how to hate my body for not moulding itself into the shape my society had set in stone for me. Everyday I actively reject the sexism I have been taught to apply to my body and myself, surround myself with strong female figures to look up to and emulate, and remind myself to be kind. I am sexy, in my own right, and I am loved.”

Kate in Journelle Romy.

The underargument model in the Romy Bra

no.14 For belonging // Against fitting in

The second collection, no.14 For belonging // Against fitting in says “the norm makes us believe that to belong is to be alike, assimilate, and polish what stands out. This underargument will remind you that you belong where love and happiness reside. There is nothing authentic about you that needs altering for others.”

Another anti-casting participant, Rachel, shares her story, “I am a transgender woman. Back when I transitioned, the advice given to trans women who could "pass" was to hide her transness for her safety and also for her comfort. And so I hid and found myself doing so for many years. I didn't tell anyone that I was trans, not even my friends or partners. Recently I got my first ever waxing at a salon and went for the full Hollywood; it was an amazing experience. I went for pedicures with my friend, and now here I am in this lingerie shoot. I am feeling both sexy and confident, something I have always struggled to believe that I can as a trans person. I want to feel like I belong, but I am against fitting in on someone else's terms. I hope that one day every trans person will feel like they belong.”

The underargument model wearing the Emma Chemie

Rachel in Journelle Emma.

These are just a few of the incredible stories the underargument has collected - their collections are modeled by the wxmen they were created for. Journelle is honored to be given the opportunity to share some of these amazing stories and give a platform to REAL women who want to share their individual experiences, with the possibility to help others who may be facing the same situation.

Shop the underargument at Journelle stores, and the Journelle app.

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