Hand Washing Lingerie (it really is the best if you can swing it)


Fill your sink or a large bowl with lukewarm water (fancy people/lingerie addicts like us keep a dedicated basin for this purpose=no panties in the sink). Add two capfuls of Lingerie Wash to the water and swish it around with your hand.

2. Add dirty things:

Drop in your delicates and gently move them around in the water to evenly distribute the suds and so that all of your lovelies are covered by the water.

3. SOAK:

Grab a mag, set a timer, and let your lingerie rest in the wash for up to 30 minutes. Consider this an opportunity for self-care (or deep cleaning something small, you do you).


Run each piece under a lukewarm stream until water runs clean. Californians and other water-conscious friends can repeat the soaking bath sans soap and swish the delicates around in fresh water until clean.

4. DRY:

Press or gently squeeze the water out and either lay flat to dry or hang them evenly on hanger or drying rack.

5. You are a grown up (or something)!

It may feel like a hassle, but hand washing your delicates make them last longer, look fresher, and fit better throughout their lifetime.

How to (really) wear, clean, pack, and store your precious lingerie.

When your bra gives you the

How often should I wash my bras?

Think of your bra like you think of your favorite pair of jeans: you can get away without washing them every time (and you also definitely know when they're due for a wash). The more bras you have, the longer you can go between washes, but a good rule of thumb is to wash every 2-4 wears.

Hand wash only?

Can I put my lingerie in the washing machine?

Hand washing is best but let's be real. If you gotta wash your bras in the machine: hook the hooks, put them in a lingerie bag, and skip the dryer (that's where the real damage can go down).

That's way harsh, Tai.

Can I use Woolite or Regular Detergent?

Sure, but it's not the best. Woolite is made for cleaning wool (duh) and can make laces and silks feel greasy. Detergent is often way harsh on delicate fibers. Lingerie wash not only rinses clean and smells amazing but is also formulated to break down, um, organic residues.

Let's SPOON.

What's the best way to store lingerie?

Storing molded bras with the cups folded in on each other can make them break down unevenly. We're pretty sure "lopsided" isn't your lewk. Instead, store bras nested together with their hooks hooked. It's better for the bras and actually takes up less space in the drawer that way.