Find Your Shape

Size Matters. Shape Matters More.

"You're wearing the wrong size bra"- everyone, Oprah included, since 2007. Your bra size (obviously) matters, but your breast shape is just as important. Not all bras are created equal and no two women are alike. Find your breast shape below and explore styles + silhouettes tailored to your brilliant body.

Full & Round

You carry your fullness all over. Sometimes you find that your cups don't cover you all the way or that your cups cut into your breasts. Full & Round cups work great in triangle plunge shapes that hug cups without digging.

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You carry your fullness on the bottom. Sometimes you find that cups can gape at the top. Teardops work great in true sweetheart demi silhouettes or with fabric overlays that keep cups lying flat.

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You carry your fullness high. Your cups are small (and mighty!). Sometimes you find that bras sit away from your body or that lace or fabric doesn't lie flat. Compact cups work great with dimensional stretch fabrics or contoured padding.

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Wide Set

You carry your fullness on the sides. Also often found with broader shoulders and smaller cups. Sometimes you find that bras gape in the center and/or dig under the armpit. Wide Set cups work great with gently curving underwires and generous spacers.

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You carry your fullness on the bottom and you've lost some firmness. Often found post-pregnancy/breastfeeding. Sometimes you find your bras gape at the top when you're standing up and you spill out of the cups when you're moving around (the worst. we feel you!). Slender cups work great with shallow demi silhouettes or fabric overlays to hug and elevate curves.

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You carry your fullness more on one side than the other. Every single woman in the world is slightly asymmetric (promise). Asymmetric cups work great with stretch fabrics or shallower contour styles sized to the larger breast.

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