Why We Love Soak Wash for Lingerie

Why We Love Soak Wash for Lingerie

When it comes to washing your lingerie, handwashing has always been our preferred method. Why? Because caring for your intimates is a delicate matter. Many of these high-quality and handcrafted items are created from silk, lace, embroidery, and mesh that requires a little extra time, care, and attention. We understand handwashing is a more labor-intensive approach, so we’re here to help make things easier on you. Handwashing haters… prepare to have your lives changed. Journelle is excited to now offer Soak Wash – a gentle no-rinse detergent for your delicate undergarments we absolutely love.

Soak Wash was intentionally formulated for handwashing and comes in a variety of options to choose from, like Wild Mint or Scentless for sensitive skin. We love that each Soak formula is made with plant derived and renewable ingredients selected to cleanse, protect, and preserve your most cherished items. You can feel at ease knowing Soak Wash is biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free, and sulphate-free, so it won’t harm your health or your delicate lingerie. The part we love the most is that Soak makes handwashing your lingerie convenient, effortless, and quick! All it takes it at least 15 minutes of soaking to achieve lingerie that looks and feels brand new.

Here's how to use Soak to handwash your lingerie in a few simple steps:     Step 1: Fill your sink, a large bowl, or basin with cool to lukewarm water.     Step 2: Pour a capful of Soak into the water.     Step 3: Submerge your items in the water and let soak for at least 15 minutes.     Step 4: After soaking, wring out the items and any excess water then roll them gently in a clean towel and lay flat out or hang dry.

If you find you love Soak Wash so much you wish to use it on your other items, it can be used for machine washing as well. For additional delicate items or when traveling, Soak offers a Travel Size Kit and an Eco Generous Wash Bag that’s both machine and dryer compatible to keep your items safe.

 Extra Tips: 1. soak often 2. sort items by color 3. Soak lingerie sets together 4. Lightly rinse if needed

Looking to step up your handwashing game? Here are some extra tips for success when handwashing your lingerie using Soak: 

  1. Soak often. We recommend handwashing your bras every 2-4 wears. Panties should be washed after every wear, and other more novelty items, like a bustier or corset, can be washed as needed.
  2. Sort items by color. Some colors may bleed into the water during the soaking process. While this shouldn’t harm your undergarments, it’s best to soak similar colors together.
  3. Soak lingerie sets together to ensure matching colors stay true to each other.
  4. Although it is a no-rinse formula, you can feel free to lightly rinse your lingerie items as needed after soaking.


    We’re certain Soak Wash will make you fall in love with the act of handwashing. After all, good lingerie is an investment that’s worth caring for! The next time you have 15 minutes to spare, use it to show your lingerie some extra love. While your lingerie is soaking, take 15 minutes to pour into yourself and practice some extra self-care, too. Put on a face mask, listen to a podcast, call a friend, or make a move on your partner… a lot can happen in 15 minutes! 

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