How to Wear Lingerie Like a French Woman

How to Wear Lingerie Like a French Woman

There’s just something about French women. How to get the elusive and sought-after “je ne sais quoi” of French women has widely been kept secret, but we’re letting you in on it in our blog. Turns out, appearing more French begins with your lingerie. The effortlessness and ease with which French women dress requires more thought than it looks. The idea of French style is to look like you didn’t try, but it does require a bit of effort. Luckily, we’re disclosing the top French women's secrets for wearing lingerie. All you have to do is say oui and keep reading.


In France, lingerie is considered just as much a part of your outfit as the actual outfit itself. Lingerie sets the tone and foundation for your clothes. It is meant to compliment your outfit rather than be concealed underneath, and often French women will reveal just enough of their lingerie through their clothing. This has become known as séduction voilée – the veiled seduction. As stated, French women seduce by revealing just enough. Their idea of sexy is more understated and subtle. The French woman will hint at what’s underneath while remaining mysterious and invoking imagination in her admirers. When it comes to wearing lingerie like a French woman, what you reveal matters just as much as what you choose not to.


Lingerie in France is seen as a weapon of seduction, a form of empowerment, and a practice of self-care. In fact, French women buy lingerie to please themselves rather than please someone else. Lingerie is essential to French female culture – not an afterthought. To the French woman, lingerie is about being at ease with one’s own body and au naturel. You won’t find a lot of padding or push-up pieces in a French woman's drawer. So, what will you find? Here are the items in every French woman’s lingerie drawer.

 French girl wearing a silk Journelle Charlotte slip dress.

  1. A Silk Slip DressA sultry silk slip dress is a lingerie wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down and styled as innerwear or outerwear. Layer it under a chic blazer or fashionable trench coat with a pair of chunky boots when going out. If you prefer to stay home, slip into your silk dress while you sip espresso or soak up a bit of afternoon soleil.


French woman in a white lace bralette.
  1. A Lace BraletteThis item is a French favorite to wear under a semi-sheer button-down for a classic undone look. In France, a black lace bra is the equivalent to a little black dress. It is a wardrobe must-have that every woman needs. Wearing a dress with a revealing neckline that shows just the edges of your lace bralette is also very trendy.

French woman lounging in a 3 piece Journelle LouLou collection lingerie set including Bra, Underwear, and suspender belt. 

  1. A Matching SetOne cardinal rule of wearing lingerie like a French woman is matching. French women intentionally buy matching sets and will wear them together. Wearing a matching set makes one feel more put together, sophisticated, and undeniably chic. Choosing neutral colors or multiple pairs of the same panties can make matching more accessible.Tanga panties worn worn by a french woman.
  2. A Pair of Tanga PantiesThe tanga is a flattering silhouette you’ll find in every French woman's drawer. The European-inspired bottoms are the perfect mix between bikini briefs and a thong style that French women love.

 A classic corset style from Le Petit Trou.

  1. A Classic CorsetThis iconic lingerie item is another staple you’ll find in a French woman’s collection. A corset is the epitome of classic and chic that can be styled up or down without looking like you’re trying too hard. French women love to wear it with a pair of jeans, layered with a t-shirt, or under their go-to blazer or leather jacket.


Wearing lingerie like a French woman can be as easy as incorporating these five simple wardrobe staples into your collection. Stick to what suits you and never sacrifice your own wants or your comfort. Above all else, wear lingerie for you. Consider lingerie your next great love affair.

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