Designer Spotlight with Keira Kotler, Founder/CEO of Everviolet

Designer Spotlight with Keira Kotler, Founder/CEO of Everviolet

Everviolet’s goal of creating beautiful lingerie no matter the stage of your journey is key to their brand identity, just like we strive to do at Journelle. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Keira Kotler founded Everviolet as the missing gap between functionality and sexiness in post-surgical lingerie. Continue reading about her mission of creating lingerie for all stages of surgery, treatment, recovery and more.

  1. What inspired you to create Everviolet?

Everviolet was born out of my personal experience with breast cancer and my struggle to find comfortable, well-fitting and fashionable intimate apparel following a double mastectomy. I tried on over 200 bras in a six-month period, and nothing worked. My older, beautiful lingerie no longer fit and caused pain, and garments designed for post-surgery were synthetic, scratchy and void of any feminine or flattering details. The options I had at my disposal felt like adding insult to injury.

Astrid Jersey Pocketed Bralette with Lace

After I started speaking with other women, I found this issue to be universal – both with those in acute healing stages like myself, as well as with those who had long since recovered but still had ongoing sensitivities. The more women I spoke with, the more I realized how far beyond clothing this problem went – that the inability to feel comfortable and beautiful after significant medical transitions was a barrier to healing on emotional and psychological levels. I founded Everviolet with the mission to help women reclaim a sense of self and femininity following change, enabling them to feel like people first and patients last. #beautyofchange

  1. Tell us a little bit about what goes behind your collections, from ideation to hitting stores...

I design the Everviolet collection with a focus on a trifecta of comfort, fit and beauty. Having been through cancer surgery and treatment personally, I understand first-hand how incredibly sensitive skin can feel during and after such procedures. Because our garments can soothe and accommodate these extreme situations, they can work for all women who have special needs or who simply want more comfortable lingerie options. When one’s body changes for any reason, it’s common to experience feelings of loss, detachment and shame. My number one priority is to help women find acceptance and confidence in themselves and feel their most beautiful, regardless of how their physical shape may have shifted. 

Astrid Jersey Pocketed Bralette with Lace

Our garments escort women through all stages of healing and recovery with functionality that accommodates limited arm mobility, asymmetry, prosthetic breast forms or flat chests, skin sensitivities, swelling, incision and nerve damage sites and lymphedema. We currently dress women who have faced cancer, stroke, heart surgery, thoracic surgery, pelvic surgery, MS, Fibromyalgia, allergies to certain fabrics, and the list goes on. We use only the highest quality fabrics that are soft and soothing to the skin, and our jersey is certified sustainable with natural anti-microbial, breathable and moisture wicking properties. In store, we hope our pieces present just like other lingerie would – elegant, luxe and feminine – and that they pleasantly surprise women in how comfortable and nurturing they are to wear. 

  1. If you could change one perception about post-surgical/mastectomy lingerie, what would it be?

I strongly believe that one should not have to compromise elegance and beauty for comfort and functionality. Even though illness, surgery and aging can leave many emotional and psychological scars, the truth is that all of our bodies will face changes over time. Instead of striving for some sort of perfect ideal or lamenting the fact that we longer look like our 20-year-old selves, my deep wish is that we can gracefully embrace ourselves in every stage of life.

Astrid Jersey Pocketed Bralette with Lace

The name Everviolet is a play on “evergreen” – a strong tree that proudly withstand storms, seasons and shifts in climate. With the color violet representing our inner, spiritual selves, Everviolet stands for the inner beauty we all possess and that radiates out when we’re feeling comfortable, confident and empowered. Post-surgical lingerie, for any surgery including mastectomy, should represent all of that and be worn with pride for having navigated these challenging and meaningful life events. 

  1. At Journelle, we believe that you should love the lingerie you wear every day - it is the first layer you put on when getting dressed in the morning! How do you see Everviolet impacting someone's day?

Since our very first wear test trials, we’ve received phenomenal feedback about not only how physically supportive our lingerie is, but also how emotionally healing it is. I can no longer count how many times women have made such comments as: “I never thought I would feel this pretty again,” or “I literally don’t want to take this off!” I too believe that we should love the lingerie we wear every day, and if we can do so with a renewed sense of confidence and comfort, we are more inclined to feel our best selves and focus on what matters most. I’ve always said that women wear lingerie more for themselves than their partners, and when we feel sexy or feminine or beautiful, we approach life differently and more positively. It is my honor as a founder and a designer to nurture these feelings in others with the hope of improving their quality of life. 

Astrid Jersey Pocketed Bralette with Lace

  1. What is the one Everviolet product you think is a must-buy, and why? 

Hands down, our Vela Wireless Bra. Is a must-buy! This piece is ultra-flattering, supportive and soothing for all women, including all surgical scenarios. The silhouette is insanely gorgeous on all body types, and it can be paired with our beautiful Vela Brazilian Panty. As a designer, I am most proud of this piece, as it looks just like regular lingerie but also has so much functionality for women post lumpectomy, single or double mastectomy, reconstruction, cosmetic surgeries and more. It is lined with the softest sustainable jersey that literally feels like suede, and it has internal pockets to accommodate pads or prosthetic breast forms. The adjustable shoulder straps and back fasteners also make it great for those who might have swelling or size fluctuations throughout the day. This is my go-to piece for both dressing up and every day, and I love how the scalloped lace sometimes peek out, showing a hint of femininity.

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