Our Lingerie Experts have fitted hundreds of thousands of women and we. have. seen. it. all. Here are the most common issues we see, questions we get, and how to deal with them.

Our bodies change surprisingly frequently. Getting fitted more often—every six months or so—can help you celebrate the body you have and stop cursing the bra you hate.

After you put on your bra, use your hands to position each boob individually in the cup. It makes a HUGE difference (trust). Don't forget to adjust the straps if you need to.

Your bra's band is like Goldilocks: it should be snug enough to provide support, but not so tight it digs in. Juuuuust right: you should only be able to fit one finger between your band and your bra—and it should always run parallel to the floor. If it rides up in the back, it's too big/super annoying.

Nothing ruins a moment like your straps falling down your shoulders. If your straps creep, consider sizing down in the band. Since your band provides 80% of the support, if it's too big, the straps have to step in and they can't handle it.

Always try on new bras on the loosest hook. 90% of women think they need to wear their bra on the middle hook and we have no idea why. On the largest hook, the bra can be made smaller as it stretches with wear so it fits better for longer.

There are lots of ways to get supported. Step outside of your comfort zone! We've seen H cups happily sashay out of our fitting rooms in mesh demis and we've seen A cups forgo padding for the oomph of directional stretch lace. Who says you can't wear "that"? #JournelleSays you never know until you try!