Celebrating 5 Years!

Rooted in our belief that ideation and originality are vital to the lingerie industry, our Emerging Designers Program was created to give new and independent designers a platform to showcase their unique talents, fresh perspectives, and innovative styles. Since its inception in 2015, our program has brought awareness to up and coming brands by introducing them to our loyal base of lingerie connoisseurs.

This year we are launching Emerging Designers: Alumni Edition featuring Le Petit Trou, Violet & Wren, The Great Eros, and Studio Pia—an elite group of designers from previous “classes” who continue to astound us by pushing boundaries, bucking traditions, and taking it to the edge.


LE PETIT TROU Class of 2015

VIOLET & WREN Class of 2016

THE GREAT EROS Class of 2017

STUDIO PIA Class of 2018