Wedding Night

Wedding Night

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Given the wide range of brands and styles that we carry at Journelle, chances are you'll wear at least a few different sizes - certainly across brands, but sometimes even in different styles from the same brand. We recommend that you select the size you have most recently worn plus two "sister sizes". For example, if you are a 32D, we recommend you look at bras in sizes 30E and 34C as well.


Wedding Night Lingerie

Your wedding night is the night you've been waiting for, and we've got the perfect wedding night lingerie for every bride (whatever your bridal style). Whether you're looking for a floaty teddy from Fleur of England, a stunning underwire bra and garter belt set from Journelle Collection, or a modern bridal classic from Stella McCartney Lingerie, we've got the perfect wedding night lingerie for you. Consider creating a lingerie wedding registry to curate bridal gifts for your lingerie shower (it'll fit, you'll love it, and it's way more fun than a scan gun, we promise). Wedding night? Fall in love with love.