Wedding Night

What to wear for the perfect wedding night, whatever your style.

Blushing Bride

Sweet and simple, these blush-worthy pieces are the definition of subtly stunning.

This stunning champagne demi, with its gorgeous tulle lace, frothy edging, classic construction, and silk straps has practically earned it's own DOC. Let's pop a bottle.
Cheeky? Cheeky indeed! This gloriously scalloped stretch lace Brazilian-inspired tanga shape is perfectly sun-drenched and understatedly elegant. Bienvenido a Miami.
When we couldn't find the perfect silk robe (classic, timeless, luxe, effortless, utterly divine) so we decided to take matters into our own hands and make our own.
This classic balconette, with its botanical lace, sheer swiss dot mesh, and satin side slings in the cups, is a modernist's take on classic romance. Perfection, just as desired.
With a delicate graphic pattern inspired by moiré watered silks, this sweetly lovely body kissing chemise has the sort of luxe insouciance that belongs in informal gardens.
With a scalloped underbust, contrast grosgrain band, and classic single seam cups this little bralette has it all. If the devil is in the details, then this one is devilish indeed.
Deco-inspired strap-panels, grosgrain ribbon construction, and supremely delicate spiderweb lace are sweetly fierce, perhaps deadly. As if Charlotte were a Black Widow.
This lovely, airy demi is like the feeling of blowing a dandelion fluff from the quiet languor of a picnic blanket on a sun-soaked late afternoon: gorgeous wishful magic.
With its classic quarter-cup half pad, a stunning overlayer of almost impressionist scalloped lace, and a gorgeous cantilevered spacer, this demi has us in its snare.
These luscious silk charmeuse pajamas, with their luxe weighty drape and effortless glamour, are better than coffee. Or, rather, are the perfect accompaniment. Good Morning.
With its impeccable fit and classic, low-slung tanga shape, this one belongs in the everyday-lovely hall of fame, while its gorgeous eyelash lace takes Lise over the edge of "basic".
116.00 - 120.00
These gloriously soft PJ's are the exact right thing to slink into a weekend bag, to snuggle up to a Sunday morning, or to make apres-bath into something utterly luxe.
Is it raining? Why don't you just put on some old Joni vinyls and cozy up with this little ruffle bottom, coffee, and a good book and while away the afternoon? Great plan.
A gown. Even the feel of the word seems decadent and elegant. This gown is just that, a perfect length for a farmhouse reverie or to walk through lavender fields at twilight.

Classic Bride

For those of us who love tradition, these classic pieces make for a beautifully timeless trousseau.

With silky edging, stunning lace, peek-a-boo details, and an impeccable demi silhouette, this is just the kind of exotic plumage we ladies have been waiting to flaunt.
What is this feeling? Our hearts beat faster, our pulse races, we are a little fevered...we can't stop these visions of ourselves and these cap sleeves? It must be love.
If this glorious retro-demi, with its divine pintucks and fresh palette is just the ray of sunshine to make any Wednesday brighter, imagine what it could do with a Saturday.
Can we teleport ourselves to LA for a slanted-sun morning jumping on the bed in a perfect Venice bungalo? No? We'll do the next best thing and slip on this killer bralette.
Gorgeous botanical lace panels are delicately shaped with a single seam running to each suspender and finished at all edges with wink-worthy eyelash lace. Oh la la!
This gorgeous lace bikini is our kind of exotic. Namely, everyday exotic (perfect under a pencil skirt). Gilded settees and shadowy lanterns not included, but encouraged.
This gorgeous crinkled chiffon nightgown is rendered in luxe, 100% silk, with a skirt that floats effortlessly to mid-calf and cups "lined" with eyelash lace. Perfection.
With a gorgeous contrast palette, classic demi shape, lush botanical embroidery, and killer fit, this one's ready for anything. Call it intuition, but we think you'll love it.
Maintaining a reverie requires a mantra. Ours is: graphic deco lace, swiss dot mesh, and a classic va-voom balcony shape in the purest palette of crown-chakra white. Shantih.
Deux couleurs and irresistibly pretty, this gorgeous bottom, with its cheeky Brazilian tanga inspired shape and floral lace embroidery, is all kinds of lovely.
Stargazing is one of our favorite night-time activities, right up there with kissing and popping bottles of champagne. We recommend slipping on this chemise and doing all three.
This stunning peek-a-boo demi is a jaw dropper in all senses of the word. Heart-fluttery eyelash lace and silk-satin peek-a-boo strapping at the cups are totally wink-worthy.
With a continuous underwire, stunning floral lace overlay, and divine contrast palette, this one is begging us to dive right in. You'll find us by the pool.
Supremely soft, this sweetly sexy body skimming open-backed chemise practically kisses the collarbone with all the twilit romantic loveliness of Venice.

Bold Bride

Powerfully sexy, these bold pieces more than uphold a vow to obey.

With its three part up construction and decadent fabrics this demi is powerful to celestial magnitudes, emitting forceful fields that draw you right in. Aurora indeed.
With its jaw-dropping peek-a-boo paneling, noir English laces, silky-peachy architecture, and gorgeous classic shape, this suspender is the definition of inspired heritage.
This bottom's stunning noir fishnet tulle mesh is finished with gorgeous guipure lace detailing and a luxe silk georgette body. We can't wait for sundown.
This effortlessly gorgeous underwire's juxtaposition of silk and lace has a classically French contrast palette. Le Swoon. Bad, bad, bad, bad boys you make us feel so good.
This decadent 100% silk chemise is so much fun we can't even stand it. The silk is perfectly sheer and the scalloped mantilla lace plunge perfectly contrasts the open back.
This powerfully sexy demi bra is ingeniously paneled in eyelash lace and mesh, with stunning openwork and curve-hugging corseted peek-a-boo banding. Maestra, you rang?
The overlapping lace panels of this impeccably cut demi make it one of those perfectly executed boudoir pieces that looks absolutely smoking hot on the body. Peek-a-boo? Please.
With gorgeous gilt-threaded tiara lace and a stunning sheer bum this delicious, understated-sexy bikini is literally a crowning achievement. Let them eat cake.
Some things just make us want to say "boom chick-a-boom!" and this deliciously simple (and fun) suspender, with its bold ruffle and blingy hardware, is one of them.
Show your curves and your earth more than a little love with this killer body-hugging dress, cut from sustainably grown and fabricated bamboo jersey. Va-voom with a conscience.
We are absolutely head over heels for this noir balconette's couture-quality coral-branch embroidery and va-voom quarter-cup slings, contrasted perfectly with tulle mesh.
With rich gilded threading, a subtle sheen on Bordelle's signature elastic construction, and stylized flower and fan details, this bralet is as opulent as a far flung palace.
As powerful as the charged particles of the aurora, we think this luscious silk and lace babydoll is charged with the power of suggestion, of heavens where this shines so bright.
With curve-hugging stitchery, glorious ouvert, peek-a-boo strapping, and coral branch embroidery, this one goes way beyond traditional, firmly landing in goddess territory

Wedding Night Lingerie

Your wedding night is the night you've been waiting for, and we've got the perfect wedding night lingerie for every bride (whatever your bridal style). Whether you're looking for a floaty negligee from Fleur of England, a stunning underwire bra and garter belt set from Myla, or a modern bridal classic from Stella McCartney Lingerie, we've got the perfect wedding night lingerie for you. Consider creating a lingerie wedding registry to curate bridal gifts for your lingerie shower (it'll fit, you'll love it, and it's way more fun than a scan gun, we promise). Wedding night? Fall in love with love.