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Given the wide range of brands and styles that we carry at Journelle, chances are you'll wear at least a few different sizes - certainly across brands, but sometimes even in different styles from the same brand. We recommend that you select the size you have most recently worn plus two "sister sizes". For example, if you are a 32D, we recommend you look at bras in sizes 30E and 34C as well.

  • $429.00
    This lush sheer mesh and hand-wrought guipure lace bodysuit is so stunning we can see it making appearances under sharp suiting, for holiday parties, and at private parties.
  • $112.00
    This super-soft luxe tank is teaching us to expect the unexpected. What could be better than a key-hole backed, semi-sheer, bold noir top? One with suspenders, obviously.
  • $148.00
    With a color this fabulous it's hard to focus on architectural details, but this bodysuit has them in spades (specifically the stunning cross-plunging back).
  • $330.00
    With stunning pleated mesh, silk bindings, and satin ties, this is the perfect marriage of control and play. No wonder, as it's named after a Japanese rope bondage expert.
  • $126.00
    This sheer mesh and flocked velvet plunge va-voom bodysuit hugs curves and fights crime like a Keith Haring superhero saving one life at a time from bad fashion.
  • $98.00
    Stunning two tone mesh, rose-gold racerback clasp, curve hugging shape, and string thong bottom all conspire to make this bodysuit the perfect (and perfectly modern) throwback.
  • $95.00
    Is this really what Wonder Woman wore? It's so playfully, perfectly, and powerfully pink we think that this svelte and gorgeous bodysuit might just have superpowers.
  • $95.00
    Exquisitely sexy and very comfy, this luxe lace bodysuit is exactly what we want to wear under everything all the time. Except when we want to wear it under nothing at all.