Suspenders and Garters

Don't be fooled by the truly gorgeous, delicate, and feminine eyelash lace on the simple and elegant black strapping, this suspender means business. Just the business we love.
Pin-up fierce and perfectly sheer, this suspender doesn't just flirt with danger it buy it dessert. At once totally classic, utterly fresh, and truly sexy, this is pure Myla.
With luscious lace, tactile silk, and a subtly lovely crossover detail in the front, this classic suspender is worthy of its namesake, our favorite sensual diarist. Write it.

Suspend Reality

Stockings are the perfect way to navigate these mercurial changing seasons and garters feel amazing under spring's first floaty skirts. We feel a spring fling coming on.


$159.50 - $319.00
This high-waisted brief has it all: luscious stretch silk, swoon-inducing pin-up silhouette, and luxe bling suspender straps accented in Swarovski crystals.
$67.50 - $135.00
Think about how the luscious bands of deep twilit lace (which here look like loops, but are actually worn taut) look against the body and let your imagination run wild.Ê
$65.00 - $130.00
Whether this gorgeous suspender reminds you of Marie Antoinette or "The Outsiders", put on some Tom Waits and hold on tight- it's going to be a wild ride.
$27.50 - $55.00
Mimi Holliday's classic spare kiss-kiss suspender silhouette, with its long adjustable garters, gets a peacock-of-the walk upgrade with stunning saturated deep turquoise silk.
$43.00 - $86.00
Simple construction, wide bands of luxe, silky stretch elastic, are anchored by the gilt details and a deeply saturated palette. There's no place like home.
$22.50 - $45.00
This stunning saturated sapphire suspender is our kind of luxury, and by that we mean that we view the stunning lace, classic shape, and beautiful palette to be necessities.
$29.00 - $58.00
Sometimes things are so stunning, so classically executed, so slinky Hollywood fierce that there's nothing we can do but strap on some stockings and enjoy the ride.
This classically sophisticated palette is executed in a classically sophisticated suspender shape. Paired with classic sophisticated stockings and it's perfect. All for you.
$39.00 - $78.00
Oh Paris, how we love thee...
$64.00 - $128.00
This boudoir suspender, with its shadowy guipure-lace-and-silk construction is midnight in the gardens, is practically begging for stockings and the cover of darkness.
$78.00 - $156.00
This wide-sided garter belt has stunning panels of mantilla-inspired eyelash lace and supremely fine tulle against the body. It's simply divine in an oh la la luscious kind of way.
Golden threads and delicate eyelash lace take this glorious suspender shape to the next level. From a garden variety garter belt to a jardin imperial. Oh la la.
An exercise in luxury vs. necessity, this classic, corseted, lace-and-silk suspender belt is form perfectly (and happily) married to function. A job done is worth doing well.

To stay [up] or go

Stay ups are a great, and easy, alternative to stockings, and much sexier feeling than full tights. Wearing stay ups with a suspender belt? Double trouble.


This bondage bottom is almost dangerously sexy. Wide bands of signature elastic, removable garters, and a zip-back closure that finishes with a removable, ouvert gusset? Ahem.
We love it when we get struck with wild abandon and we can't help but move our hips. We can pretty much guarantee that these suspenders'll keep you shaking your tail feather.
$29.00 - $58.00
Sheer, brilliant, and covered in posies, this sweetly sexy little suspender is begging for some stockings. Perfect panelling, classic silhouette, ideal for darlings.
$51.00 - $102.00
Graphic-picot trim, pointelle lace, and bold strapping all make for one gorgeous garter. A new dutch master? We'll study that. Alstublieft.
This classic silk-satin and mesh deco paneled suspender reminds us of the Empire State Building. Clean lines, vertigo-inducing heights, ripe for a photo opportunity.
This suspender is like nothing we've seen before. One lace band sits perfectly at the natural waist, the other kisses the hips for a jaw-dropping layered look. So much to love.
Perfect with stockings, not too shabby with one of those hats with horns, like the best divas, this operatic waist-cinching suspender belt hits all the high notes.
Floral stretch lace makes this classic garter as easy to wear as it is fun. Pairs perfectly with your favorite killer black set.
$45.00 - $90.00
This tiered tulle peek-a-boo suspender is as gorgeous as can be. A perfect cascade of ruffles at the hips frames the bum just so. Trust us, speechless is a good thing.
$57.50 - $115.00
Oh My. This retro-glamorous leavers lace stunner is pretty as a picture. It's literally perfect for a painting of a Vargas girl in repose on the nose of a spitfire.
$147.50 - $295.00
Sometimes we just think "Seriously!? Could this be any more gorgeous!??" and then we reflect on the interplay of blush and black, silk and lace, and know that, no, it can't.
$41.50 - $83.00
Lush botanical lace and luxe silk are rendered in a truly blush-beautiful classic suspender shape. We're envisioning it paired with honey colored fishnets or ivory backseams.
$37.50 - $75.00
Such a perfect marriage of silk and lace, this classic garter belt is begging for the right bride to walk it down the aisle (and that would be a sassy bride indeed).
This classic shape is meant to pair with stunning stockings, to remind us that the play of ivoire and openwork is bold and fresh. This would make a good girl speechless.
$24.00 - $48.00
This subtly paneled high waisted brief is a revelation. We love its pin-up shape, contrast bows and on-trend palette, and we really, really love the removable garters.
$70.00 - $140.00
Classic in every sense, this perfectly executed suspender belt is truly stunning on the body. Scarlet and sensational, we recommend it with nude fishnets.
$33.00 - $66.00
Spotted and hearted: this fierce behearted garter belt. Not only does this lipstick red classic suspender warm our hearts, but it practically sets them on fire.
$47.50 - $95.00
This lovely silk and luscious lace suspender belt is a true classic. Traditional garter belt shape is rendered in fine fabrics and is begging to be shown off.
Wait, did you just say something? We're having a hard time concentrating...
These suspenders are the Bauhaus of stocking architecture- clean, spare, romantically modern- and a bit intimidating in their classic severity. Perfect.
We can't believe this is the first time we've seen these in our lifetime of covetous lingerie loving...
Irresistably sexy? Indeed. These little garters encircle the upper thigh, allowing you to attach your stockings to the leg alone. Now those are some glam gams.