Fitting Room Faves: Full Cups

Lovely, lacy, stunning, and supportive, these are our go-to bras for slender bands and full cups.

$44.80 - $64.00
This floral lace bra is a breath of fresh air. The double straps have delicate little lace tendrils, a climbing vine, perfect for peeking out of boatnecks or trenchcoats.
With silky, slinky bodice and gorgeous lace contrast, this wireless longline bra is understated elegance at its finest. Soft, stunning, supportive, just like we like it.
With its bespoke Austrian embroidery, dramatic cutaway center front, and classic balconette shape this underwire is a holy grail of pretty and wearable for DD-G cup babes.

$59.00 $29.50
Cue the Fleetwood Mac, with its lovely bohemian lace, luscious coastal palette, and impeccable A-to-G cup fit, this stunner is all sorts of Stevie-Nicks-in-the-70s fabulous.
$49.00 $24.50
With it lovely stretch tulle lace, pretty straps, and smooth-wearing ultra-light spacer fabric impeccably fit from a C to a G cup, this t-shirt bra is a real gem. Fuggeddaboudit.
$62.00 $31.00
With three part cups, side boning, and deep underwires for fit, a pretty French palette, ribbon straps, and delicate lace, this D-F cup stunner is as wearable as it is glamorous.

Timeless. Classic. Vintage. Gorgeous. Stunning. Fun-loving. Everything we want, all rolled into one...
$76.00 $38.00
With its three-part cups, pretty, adjustable-all-the-way straps, stunning lacework, and gorgeous sapphire palette, this bra is everything we could ask for. From a D-H cup.
We love a good story, a dashing knight, a magical romance. This lovely balconnet with its classic shape, gorgeous details, and pretty palette is the stuff of fairy tales.

This understated demi, with its delicate botanical embroidery, impeccable fit (to a DD), and peek-a-boo spacer is much more our brand of sexy angel. Subtle, darlings, subtle.
A perfect French botanical lace balconette silhouette, with lovely slender straps, wide-no-dig band, and impeccable fit up to a G-cup? All we can say is "Merci".
$32.00 - $64.00
Gorgeous European galloon lace is ingeniously overlaid on perfectly molded cups. Stunning support that lays smooth under clothes from an A to a G cup? You had us at galloon.

We found the unicorn: one of the freshest, most stunning modernist boudoir pieces we’ve seen, noir whisper tulle and a peek-a-boo spacer, tailored for DD-G cups. Magical.
This stunning lace and slinky minx side-paneled balcony, designed by and for women with fuller cups, is proof that we can have it all, we just have to build it ourselves.
This stunner is at once perfectly delicate and powerful. The lace seems wrought out of hyacinth blossoms and yet also features some pretty serious bondage-inspired strapping.

With its gorgeous lace, seriously lovely four part cup construction, and killer silhouette this bra (running from a 28-38 band and an F to a J cup) is one to envy, indeed.
$58.00 $29.00
This gorgeous plunge bra, with its jungle print, three part cup construction, and deep underwire is impeccably fit with Australian sizing, from a D to a G cup.
Nighttime is the right time for this stunning, lacy, D-G bra. The noir lace, the frill of openwork atop the three part cups, and the corseted longline shape make the day blush.

$103.00 $72.10
This full on hubba-hubba bold and bright lipstick pink and eye-popping fire engine red silk and lace underwire bra is right on time for some very bad behavior.
With its Parisian fantasia palette, divine guipire lace detail, and impeccable fit, this is a wish our heart made. With straps like these who says wishes don't come true?
$73.00 $51.10
No shirt, no shoes, no service? How about: no shirt, high heels, no problem. That's our kind of dress code, and this stunning underwire bra is only too happy to oblige.

$105.00 $52.50
“Striking”. It brings to mind a sophisticated elegance, the gorgeous mystery woman crossing the street in her impeccable trenchcoat (perhaps with this demi underneath).
$78.00 $39.00
This ladylike demi bra, with its perfect pretty palette and classic shape, is the perfect marriage of girly loveliness, bubbly joie de vivre, and elegant sophistication.
$34.50 - $69.00
Even French women need a supportive, wearable bra in their arsenal. With its four part cups, lacy details, and impeccable fit (from D-H cup) this one's Parisian c'est parfait.

$70.00 $49.00
This lovely fishnet bra is a siren song for D-G cups: intoxicating, enticing, impeccably fit, and way better than the conch shell bras that mermaids usually have to wear.
With its impeccable construction and gorgeous details, this exquisitely lovely full cup bra has everything that our D-HH cup ladies require and everything that they desire.
$33.00 - $66.00
With convertible straps (halter, crossback) and a convertible band extension (plunge back) this classic t-shirt bra is super-versatile. Full disclosure: we absolutely love it.

$108.00 $54.00
Reality? Overrated. We'll take this exquisitely lovely dream of an underwire, with its peachy silk band and gorgeous frills of eyelash lace instead. Yes, please.
$55.00 - $110.00
This demi, with its lacy details (we particularly love the rear panels that celebrate the shoulder-blade), double straps, and ouvert spacer, is a true lingerie classic.
$44.80 - $64.00
Just as we'll always take lilacs over carnations, this deliciously lovely embroidered underwire (impeccably fit up to an DDD/F cup) is ideal modern bloom for the modern woman.


Full-cup favorites, meet #lingeriestyle

Our years of lingerie fitting room experience have taught us a few things, namely that the combination of slender band and a full cup is way more common than you might think. And "full cup" doesn't need to mean only nude, only padded, only…ugly. Think: a lacy lingerie demi bra from French lingerie designer Le Mystere. Think: a gorgeous rouge lace plunge bra from French lingerie designer Chantelle. Think: A corseted lace lingerie underwire bra from Heidi Klum Intimates. Think: a saturated purple lace balconette bra from Triumph lingerie. Basically, think outside the box. Lingerie designed for small bands and full cups should fit impeccably, of course, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice lingerie style to get there.