Fiercely Naughty

Fiercely Naughty

This fierce triangle softbra’s ouvert cups are framed by triple bands of elastic strapping, intersecting in gordian knots at the straps and at the spacer. Cross our hearts.
Woah. From the classic shape to the gorgeous floral, from its satin ribbon tie front to its open gusset, this lacy teddy is effortless mind-blowing boudoir at its finest.
Sweetly sheer and naughty by nature, this cross-over peek-a-boo cupped softbra is simply stunning. Add on the, ahem, bow-tie rear closure and we're coucou for Only Hearts.

Bad, bad, bad, bad girls...

Makes us feel so good. Our favorite pieces for the best misbehavior. Being naughty never looked so nice or felt so right.

Bands of insanely sexy signature elastic strapping in the band, gorgeous embroidered lace cups, and a peek-a-boo X-back closure. This balconette, darlings, brings the heat.
One word: hot. Gorgeous lace panels with stunning petal edging, exquisitely placed bands bold elastic strapping, and a single hook closure atop the gloriously ouvert back. Hot.
This is the kind of piece that demands attention. Closed with a gold zipper, bands of lustrous elastic hug curves while the mesh underlayer smooths perfectly. Bold.
The Hanky Panky Low Rise is one of our favorite silhouette but sometimes you need a little more...or less. Like dangerously naughty open gusset.
Hey there, sailor. This deliciously naughty ouvert-cupped softbra (with dangerously devilish silky ribbon ties on the peek-a-boo cups) is ready for an extended shore leave.
With a dangerously devilish peek-a-boo keyhole at the bum and a wide open gusset, this deliciously naughty ouvert bottom is the stuff dreams are made of (you know what kind).
With its glorious silhouette, luxe silk and silk satin construction , and iconic French lace. We think that this divine balconette bra should become an instant classic.
We know an instant classic when we see one, and this luscious silk satin bikini, with its iconic French lace panels, gold hardware, and peek-a-boo keyhole at the bum is it.
With its luscious silk satin construction, iconic French lace, gold hardware, and peek-a-boo back, this divine little thong has what we like to think of as "star quality".
With French lace panels framing the front, double trompe l'oeil gold hook-and-eye closures, and silk satin encased garters, we think this suspender belt is an instant classic.
Equal parts gypsy goddess, flamenco dazzler, and boudoir dom, this delicately powerful quarter-cup demi is set to scorch. The best part? The stunning petal-edged eyelash lace.
With brilliant pops of red at the centers of the luxe embroidered flowers and a delicate petaled eyelash frill at the top, this slender string thong is a flamenco dazzler.
From its slender string sides to its floral embroidery, from the pops of brilliant red to the petal-edged eyelash lace, this gypsy-goddess brief is bold, just like you like it.
Gypsy goddess, flamenco dazzler, or boudoir dom? Who are you feeling like tonight? With this delicately powerful suspender’s floral eyelash lace, you don’t have to choose.
With its knock-out twist mesh neckline, stunning frills of zig zag lace, and a wide open back with luxe gilt hardware, this one is for bold and gorgeous souls indeed. Swoon.
This stunning sheer mesh brief is a classically executed number with bold silky, slinky lace-up corsetry snaking across the bum from keyhole to keyhole in the back. Oh la la!
Sweet, supple, and just a little sassy, we are absolutely head over heels for this polka dot teddy. Crossover cups, body kissing silhouette, and luxe tie? Le Coucou!
This stunning teddy's gorgeous graphic art nouveau lace forms a deep V front and cheeky back. It's absolutely stunning on the body and is the perfect play of tactile shadow.
With its geometric-floral stretch lace, sheer openwork mesh, and bands of peek-a-boo lace trim this underwire bra is both refined and rebellious, decadent, and a little devilish.
From its cheeky bikini shape to its gorgeous floral lace, from its sheer openwork mesh to its peek-a-boo panel at the bum, this bottom is rebelliously refined.
Refined and rebellious, decadent and darling, this thong’s contrasting floral lace and openwork mesh combine with a peek-a-boo lace ouvert to make it a new boudoir classic.
A decadent lace-trim crossover panel in the front, contrasting floral lace, and openwork mesh trim make this sophisticated suspender the perfect choice for the elegant rebel.
We found the unicorn: one of the freshest modernist boudoir pieces we’ve seen, with layered, whisper-strong power-mesh tulle and a peek-a-boo spacer, tailored for DD-G cups.
With its detachable garters and fabulous high-waisted hipster-bombshell silhouette, this short is constructed from whisper fine tulle panels, which look amazing on the body.
Stunning, modern, and totally fresh, this whisper light tulle thong has delicious ruched sides, for a superbly flattering no-dig finish. Wearably fabulous at its finest.
$29.00 $14.50
Lest you be fooled into thinking that this seductive lotus blossom candle is "just" a candle, the "wax" becomes a warm massage oil that can be poured directly onto the body.
Like a blooming rosette or a tiny pom-pom, these awesomely sassy nipple covers are meant to flaunt (and aren't for the shrinking violet). Go ahead, show them off.
To zip or not to zip? This staggeringly sexy longline bodice bra, with its gorgeous, delicate lace, multiple bands of signature elastic, and zipper closure says: zip, of course.
La creme de la creme. With gorgeous petal-edged lace, bands of killer strapping at the hips, and a bold, gold x-back hook, this suspender is the cream that rises to the top.
This gorgeous petal-edged lace and sheer mesh thong is about as simply hot as it gets. We absolutely love the play of sheer and detail and the barely-there bum. A true classic.
With its delicate frill of tulle ruffles framing the decollete and bold open cups, we are head over heels for this show-stopping, jaw-dropping, deliciously naughty boudoir bra.
This classic suspender is the perfect marriage of bold (directional bands of silky elastic) and beautiful (peek-a-boo panels framed by delicate frills of tulle ruffles).
This stunner string thong silhouette has a double layer of delicately flirty tulle ruffles in the front that separate into two slender bands of ruffles in the back. Oh la la.
A delicately flirty cascade of tulle ruffles at the hips, sheer mesh body, and gloriously wide open back all combine to make this ouvert bottom a go-to boudoir favorite.
This luscious demi bra’s petal pretty embroidery is finished with fine skeins of gilt threading, for the perfect subtle glitz and glam we require from a night out on the town.
Classically sexy, with two string sides, gorgeous petal embroidery, and blinged out gilt threading? This barely-there little trixie bottom is perfect for a night on the town.
Glamour is best when it subtle, and this richly rendered, barely-there string sided Brazilian tanga bottom gets its glamour from its subtle gilt threading. Luxe.
This suspender is our kind of luxe. A classic silhouette embellished with picot-edged peek-a-boo ouvert panels, with petal-pretty embroidery shot through with gilt threads.
From an ice cream sundae to a Shirley Temple, from a champagne cocktail to a perfect manhattan, most things are better with a cherry on top. For example: this balcony bra.
This cheeky brief silhouette has a devilishly sheer mesh bum, ruffled trim and, of course, a riot of ripe embroidered cherries scattered all over. Sweeter than a sundae.
From the gorgeous big red bow that ties (and unties) at the bum and the riot of ripe embroidered cherries scattered all over, this thong is devilishly sassy and totally sexy.
This beyond-basic silk and lace heart nipple covers give you the coverage you need and, yet, would make a killer “style choice” were one to have a “wardrobe malfunction.”
If you've ever danced around your bedroom or shaken a tailfeather for a special someone, we recommend taking it up a notch with burlesque-inspired sparklies. Next. Level.
With its band of gorgeous tulle-mesh lace, subtle ruched shaping, and delicately slender double straps, this bralette is sophisticated and stunning and bombshell baroque.
From its gorgeous lace to its sheer bum, from its high waist to its devilish crossover straps, this stunning brief is the perfect combination of boudoir sophistication.
A gorgeous tulle-mesh lace body, a frill of large-scale guipure lace at the waist, and dangerously devilish double straps combine for a perfect sophisticated bombshell blend.
$29.00 $14.50
Dark, sensual vanilla gets enlightened by this candle's signature "wax", which melts into a warm massage oil ready to be poured directly onto the body. Turn out the lights.
This tried and true two part cup demi bra ups the ante on its impeccably rendered traditional silhouette with a wood grain pattern on its stitch and tulle openwork. Fresh.
Genius is taking a true classic and updating it in ways that bend the mind. This bottom? A classic string sided thong with a modernist WOOD GRAIN pattern. Genius.
How to update a classic? Take a fabulous rendition of the traditional suspender belt silhouette, but, in lieu of traditional lace, add a graphic wood grain pattern. That's fresh.
With its decadent heirloom ribbon lace and gilt threading, this richly rendered low balconette bra is definitely worth getting dressed up for. Even better? Getting undressed.
This exquisite tulle mesh and heirloom lace, gilt-threaded triangle softbra is perfectly, effortlessly lovely and totally worth celebrating. Perfect for holiday fêtes, non?
Heirloom gilt-threaded lace and exquisite eyelash edging? Yes, please. With its lovely sheer mesh back and classic thong shape this lacy bottom is our favorite cause célèbre.
Crafted from decadent, large scale ribbon lace, shot through with gilt threads, and finished with eyelash edging, this gorgeous garter skirt is ready for glamorous holiday fêtes.
This stunning, fresh off the shoulder “slip” is absolutely our favorite new layering piece. It looks amazing under lots of things, but absolutely shines under nothing at all.
Exclusive to Journelle, this gorgeous demi bra (with ouvert eyelash lace cups) was made just for us this season and is the result of our creative collaboration with Lascivious.
Star light, star bright, first stars we see tonight...will be these fabulously kitsch sequined burlesque nipple tassels. Razzle, dazzle, sparkle and shake, you're a star!
The sweet soft mesh of this sheer bottom is pretty precious, but the sweetness ends there. The rest (especially the crossover peek-a-boo ouvert bottom) is simply stunning.
From its corset-seamed va-voom demi cups to its gorgeous gilt threading, this eyelash lace stunner is a state of grace achieved. Grace under fire? Grace under a trenchcoat.
We've spent a lot of lady energy trying to achieve a state of grace. If we'd known we could just slip into this low-slung eyelash-lace stunner we'd have done it the easy way.
A good g-string is hard to find, much less one that has a gorgeous eyelash lace flutter and subtly blinged out gilt thread details. Grace under fire, meet grace under nothing.
Ladylike and graceful, meet bombshell Grace. As killer as it is classic, this gilt-threaded eyelash lace suspender is a state of grace achieved via your favorite stockings.
Gorgeous, lacy ouvert panels on the bodice and back, a deliciously cheeky bum, and elegant openwork mesh make this teddy absolutely perfect for the sophisticated rebel.
This lacy aubergine demi bra, with its two part cups and exquisite scalloped edging. is like your little black bra’s sophisticated French cousin who may or may not be a Duchess
With its classic thong silhouette, daring sheer mesh, and exquisite panels of geometric and botanical lace this luxe and luscious aubergine thong is our new royal favorite.
This gloriously racy take on the classic thong has everything we love about the lacy bottom with one little, and very important, thing missing (ahem, open panel).
Lovely, lacy, and racy, this cheeky hipster, with its subtle open gusset and signature floral stretch lace, is just the right amount of naughty. Get it while it's (very) hot.
Bordelle takes a classic brief and ups the ante with a bold, totally ouvert front and back. Luscious, sheer mesh, bold, directional panels, and a wide open body? Woah.
Don't be fooled by the classic sheer mesh front and low slung shape. This bondage bottom has three amazing crossover back straps, 18k gold details, and a fully ouvert bum.

$29.00 $14.50
Bourbon requires a healthy pour. When this candle's "wax" melts, it becomes a sweet, intoxicating bourbon massage oil which you can pour directly onto the body. Straight up.
Graduated lengths of eyelash lace fluttering at the cheeks and exceptionally luscious long silk ties give this luxe boudoir eye mask the perfect modern-gorgeous vibe.
With luscious silk satin elastic banding and 24k gold hardware, these custom garters can be attached to suspenders or worn over stockings as a fierce accessory. Bring the fire.