Stocking Stuffers

  • $29.00
    The classic low-rise Hanky Panky silhouette gets a sparkle-fabulous update with a little glimmer-shimmer. Everyone needs to sparkle, everyone deserves to shine.
  • $20.00
    The wide bands of signature no-dig stretch lace at the hips make this low-rise thong invisible under clothes, totally comfortable, and truly quite sexy. One of our faves.
  • $20.00
    Wide bands of signature no-dig stretch lace at the hips make this low-rise thong invisible under clothes, very comfortable, and quite sexy. Packaged up in a cute little roll.
  • $90.00
    What's better than one perfectly stretchy, no-dig, invisible, also undeniably hot in a perfect sort of 'oh, this old thing?' sort of way thong? Five of them.
  • $18.00
    This gloriously racy take on the classic thong has everything we love about the lacy bottom with one little, and very important, thing missing (ahem, open panel).
  • $25.00
    Depending on the color (and your nature) it's up to you to decide whether this piece is ready for the little white wedding chapel aisle or the naughty aisles of Babeland.
  • $88.00
    These understated no-tassel-practice-required girly-girl reusable bow nipplets are just what our subtle inner-burlesque queen requires. It's showtime.
  • $39.00
    Floral stretch lace makes this classic garter as easy to wear as it is fun. Pairs perfectly with your favorite killer black set.
  • $42.00
    These suspenders are the Bauhaus of stocking architecture- clean, spare, romantically modern- and a bit intimidating in their classic severity. Perfect.
  • $14.00
    Irresistably sexy? Indeed. These little garters encircle the upper thigh, allowing you to attach your stockings to the leg alone. Now those are some glam gams.
  • $92.00
    Our fave way to end the day is to immediately take off all of our clothes as soon as we get home and snuggle up in a warm and fuzzy robe. Do you think we leave our shoes on?
  • $20.00
    Oh, the mornings always seem to come too soon! This luscious little sleep mask is just the thing to soften the edges of the harsh light of day...
  • $26.00
    This luscious silk sleep-mask has a sweetly embroidered message on either side, for late mornings, early evenings, or long flights. You decide if it's a good morning or good night.
  • $26.00
    Sweet dreams, Sleeping Beauty. Forget about your crazy stepmother and just slip on this luxe silk sleepmask and the prince will come by shortly and wake you with a kiss.
  • $26.00
    Our best stories come to us in dreams, and they'd certainly be real page turners. So, let us put on this silky embroidered sleep mask and get to work on our book.
  • $4.00
    Journelle's crisp, clean, luscious, and lovely signature Linden scent lingerie wash conveniently packaged in a travel-friendly size. The weekend awaits!
  • $68.00
    Inspired by the seductress, this luscious parfum captivates the senses. Fresh and sparkling grapefruit and lush greens fade into accords of sensual jasmine and tuberose.
  • $68.00
    As impetuous and moody as a rebellious young Italian beauty, Stella attracts your senses with blood orange, freesia, sandalwood, sheer musk, and spicy lily.
  • $68.00
    Italian bergamot and crushed violet petals highlight this luscious Florentine scent, while bottom notes of blonde wood add a sophisticated and feminine vibe.
  • $68.00
    Inspired by the playful and sensual beauty le Brigitte Bardot, this parfum fragrance evokes an intoxicating stroll through the flower and spice markets of Provence.
  • $68.00
    Inspired by a love story, this parfum draws on ethereal floral and grounded earthy scents- rose, lily of the valley, lilac, amber, and sandalwood. Mediterranean dreams.
  • $68.00
    With a light citrus blend of lemon orpur and mandarin, bergamot and lavender, this refreshing parfum is intoxicatingly fresh, clean, sparkling, perfect for living la dolce vita.
  • $20.00
    The sweet, bright green of sugarcane contrasts perfectly with the dark and spicy molasses sugar of rum to evoke the luscious heart and ritmo soul of La Habana.
  • $20.00
    Italian bergamot, violet, and dusky waxed wood this sophisticated little candle would perfectly light a rose-petal filled Paris garret apartment. Or, you know, your apartment.