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Tropic Non Padded Comfort Bra with Lace

$85.00 $42.50
Convertible • Demi
In Rosarita they have lemon trees in the back yard (which is also the ocean)... Learn More

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In Rosarita they have lemon trees in the back yard (which is also the ocean), there is bougainvillia dripping from the balcon over the sleeping porches, and the sun cuts a dusky arc across the afternoon sky. The colors of Pacific memory become mellowed by time, and this perfect delicate silken tropicalia demi belongs there.

Fit Notes

  • Bra Sizing - UK / AU


  • Hand wash in lukewarm water with an extra-gentle lingerie wash; gently squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry

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The classic molded demi-shape of this silky bra and the brilliant navy and pastel palette of the stunning oiseau-chinoiserie print has us sitting in the catbird seat.
We can't get enough of this beautiful painterly botanic. Executed in fine silk and finer floral lace, this is simply lovely. Perfect for afternoon slanting sun in the studio.
We see this flush peach blush palette when we close our eyes and dream of the seaside. It's warm and sunkissed and feels like gloriously airy silk and breeze against our skin.