Refinery 29's Editors Picks

Refinery 29's Editors Picks

A sneak peek into the (impeccable) lingerie drawers of the lovely ladies of R29. Spoiler alert: prepare for serious gorgeousness.

Impeccably tailored, lightly molded, and with a totally unique graphically industrial motif to the lace, this bandeau-balconette runs like clockwork.
The clockwork inspired graphic lace of the Flora goes sheer and slender with a simple and classic band at the hips. Smooth, lovely, and like clockwork.

Gorgeous botanical lace is ingeniously layered over lightly molded quarter cops for a shape so smooth and lovely that we can't imagine you'll want to keep it under wraps.
Saturated floral lace sits perfectly cheeky on the bum, but it's the blue (blu, rather, it's Italian) palette that really makes the violette tanga a stunner.
With a color this fabulous it's hard to focus on architectural details, but this bodysuit has them in spades (specifically the stunning cross-plunging back).

In luscious tones of raspberry and claret, these menswear-inspired PJ's are the perfect thing for breaking into the wine cellar and starting an impromptu midnight dance party.
If we leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me? We must be traveling on, because there's too many places we've got to see.
Oh, Coco. How we strive for your greatness. We're all just dying to slip out of our work clothes, over a dry martini and into these knock-out-glamorous PJ's.

Bright, beautiful, and fresh, the Moroccan Rose is the perfect marriage of old-fashioned (whitewashed farmhouses) and exotic (glass bottles of rosewater with French labels).
Like the soft sound of falling water in the riad at midday, the scent of the Moroccan rose is delicate, bright, and fresh. The perfect tonic to the daily blues.
Blooming in the afternoon, the scent of Moroccan rose is heaviest in twilight. That space after the heat of the day has broken is the best time to revel in the senses.

The truffle. Such a rare and decadent thing...
The truffle. Such a rare and decadent thing...
This could be dangerous. We can envision this vintage-inspired long-line bustier worn a bunch of different ways, and none of them are for the shy.

With glissandos of graphic-botanical lace, a true demi shape like a swooping melody, and a stunning subtly long-line silhouette. Is this Huit's magnum opus?
Is this Huit's magnum opus? A retro-fabulous paneled botanical lace high-waisted silhouette comes in fresh colors every season which hits all the high notes.
Let us be clear: these are leather. Fabulous, buttery, bold, and rock'n'roll leather. In a high-waisted hot-pant silhouette that we dare you to wear out.

With glorious lace, two panel construction (with doubled panel for lift) delicately swooping band and slender picot straps, this bra is the rare comfy-as-it-is-sexy stunner.
This is one of those pieces that is so incredibly comfortable when you're wearing it under clothes you almost forget it's a drop-dead-Parisian-stunner.
This impeccable Parisian bottom's intricate lacework practically sings against your skin in a perfectly executed retro-inspired Brazilian tanga silhouette.

This is what it would look like if Mondrian was in charge...
This is what it would look like if Mondrian was in charge...
This is what it would look like if Mondrian was in charge...