Mary Green

"Wake me for coffee" Sleep Mask

This luscious silk sleepmask ensures that everyone knows when it's time to rouse you from your slumber: when the coffee is ready and not a moment before thankyouverymuch. Learn More

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We used to be nocturnal. Working late nights is always an adventure, but not so very fun when the 7am sun comes streaming like white lightning through your gauzy curtains. Enter the hero: Mary Green's delicate, soft, stay-put silk sleep masks. This isn't some Jet Blue Giveaway from a cross country flight, this is luxury and necessity and ease all rolled into one. Perfect for a little down-time, this 100% silk eyemask from Mary Green features a comfortable elastic strap and a beautifully-embroidered message just to make sure that everyone knows when it's appropriate to rouse you from your slumber (for coffee only and not a moment before thankyouverymuch).

Fit Notes

  • One Size

May We Recommend?

Our best stories come to us in dreams, and they'd certainly be real page turners. So, let us put on this silky embroidered sleep mask and get to work on our book.